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established on 2018 lighting products. We continually bring new products to the lighting market combining experience, R&D, and technology. This enables our Distributors to sell and our customers  maximize energy savings.

LGM is committed to bringing the leading edge, valuable products of reasonable prices, with high quality of service and after sales service. LGM, as a leading manufacturer and developer of energy efficient lighting & electrical products. We produce lighting products for the globe.  LGM corporate offices on Canada HQ, Amman, Iraq & Denmark, provides the sustainable connectivity to increase our presence


As a manufacturer, LGM develops and designs products in-house, allowing us to oversee the final product and all steps during production. We aim to maintain a balance between quality and cost, which ultimately leverage the value for our distributors and customers. A product is a combination between its tangible components and the intangible process of design and assembly. Considering our values we not only put into the engineering of the final product but also continuously enhancing our built process and components, to secure that lowering the final cost does not  come from lower quality components.


In today’s  market, price reduction is the target of every industry , and while price is very important it must never affect quality. LGM prioritizes the quality control of its component manufacturing  during the its process. Reducing cost where needed, but not compromising the quality; our long lasting credible brand cannot be built only on low cost. The quality of the product that sustain the  growth and build the trust between manufacturer and consumer. LGM will continue to raise the standards in this market to satisfy our customers.

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